Development path


· From September 12th to September 18th, 2018, Yutong Instrument 30th Anniversary Celebration---All employees of the company went to Japan for sightseeing activities.

· From October 2nd to 26th, 2018, Yutong Instrument participated in the 29th China International Measurement Control and Instrumentation Exhibition (MICONEX2018).


· Developed DHD combined data acquisition and transmission systems.

· The chairman of the company participated in the 27th (Daqing) Academic Annual Meeting of the Northeast Automation Design Committee.


· Yutong Company cooperated with Alibaba and entered into the e-commerce channel.

· Obtained TÜV Rheinland certification.


· Obtained a new utility patent certificate and invention patent certificate.

· Significant improvements to the XSA (XS) series and TCA (TC) series safety barriers (isolators) using new practical patented technologies and inventions.

· Launched DSA (DS) series, WAA (A) safety barrier (isolator); introduced MT182 intelligent temperature transmitter supporting HART protocol.

· Became a pilot unit for the integration of the Northern new districts of Chongqing.


· Mr. Yue Zhou, the chairman of the company, established a research and development center in Australia.


· Yutong explosion-proof electrical products (safety barriers) have obtained national industrial product production licenses.

· Introduced the XSA (XS) series of safety barriers (isolators).


· Yutong Instrument was elected as the director unit of the Sixth Council of the Automation Instrumentation Branch of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association.

· The annual sales of safety barriers (isolators) exceeded 250,000 units for the first time.


· Introduced TCA (TC) series safety barriers (isolators) with one input multiple outputs or multiple inputs and outputs and LCD display.

· Chongqing Instrument was elected as the vice chairman unit of the Display Instrumentation Professional Committee of the China Instrument Association Automation Instrumentation Branch.

· Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification


· Introduced the SPM modular lightning protection grid.

· Introduced the KCW series of high insulation and voltage resistant ultra-small isolation modules.


· Introduced the ultra-thin 6.2mm thick MZ series signal isolators.

· Introduced the MT series two-wire temperature transmitter.2007

· Yutong Instrument moved to Gaoxin Park in the northern New District of Chongqing.

· Developed MS series and MZ series signal isolators.


· Introduced the TM5000 Series Isolated Safety Barrier and TM6000 Series Signal Isolators.

· Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.


· Developed Yutong R series control software V1.0.

· "Parametric switching power supply and its control circuit" obtained the invention patent.

· Deeply improved R series card-mounted channel signal processing instrument, introduced R series S type / M type signal isolators. R series S-type isolated safety barrier is for explosion-proof applications.


· Introduced the ST2300 multi-function controller and i.F200 fieldbus system.


· Launched the i.CS-3000 distributed integrated control system.


· Chongqing Yutong Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd. was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission.

· R series card-mounted channel signal processing instrument became the best-selling product of the year.


· Chongqing Yutong System Software Co., Ltd. was established. Specializing in the development, production and sales of industrial automatic control system software.

· Won the China Private Technology Enterprise Rookie Award.

· Chongqing Yutong Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd. obtained the first quality system certification (ISO9001: 1994 standard).

· R series card-mounted channel signal processing instrument, ST2200 multi-function loop controller, LON2000 fieldbus control system are recognized as high-tech products.


· Launched the CYW-14 temperature display alarm device for underwater/watercraft.

· Introduced SFY series switching power supply.

· Launched the LON2000 fieldbus control system based on LonWorks fieldbus technology.

· Launched the RGQ series Zener barrier.

· Launched DHS98 multi-function distributed controller.

· Introduced DMM full scale indicator adjuster and DHY automatic switching analog operator.

· Introduced the ST series multi-function loop controller.

· Launched DMZ digital display and DMT digital display regulator.

· Introduced the DFG2100 DC signal isolator.

· Introduced the SBWR series of temperature transfer isolators.

· Introduced the R series of miniaturized card-mounted signal isolation processing instruments.

· Introduced the DHM series of miniaturized plug-in signal isolation processing instruments.

· Developed DT400, DT501 isolation module.


· Established Yutong Instrument and Meter Research Institute and began to work on process signal processing.