Strength advantage

Design / Technology Development Capabilities

Yutong Instrument is the national/industry standard development unit for safety barriers and isolators. It has drafted and participated in the drafting of more than 10 national standards. Yutong has more than 20 national new practical patent technologies. Among them, our signal isolation processor and intrinsically safe signal isolation processor products adopt proprietary technologies such as “Magnetic Oscillation Circuit, General Signal Processing Circuit, Load Adaptive”, which are beneficial to improve efficiency, reduce product energy consumption and greatly Reduce heat generation and improve product reliability.

Advanced production equipment

Yutong Instrument has four automatic patch (SMT) production lines, AOI patch quality inspection equipment, automatic transformer winding production line, transformer lap tester, ultrasonic automatic cleaning machine, “three-proof” coating production line, EMC test equipment wave Production, quality inspection and experimental equipment for surge generators, group pulse generators, electrostatic generators, power frequency generators, etc.

Yutong Instrument Brand Advantage

Yutong Instrument has been in business for 30 years since its establishment in 1989. Yutong Instrument always adheres to the leading technology, quality first, and excellence. Over the past 30 years, millions of instruments have been used in industrial process control systems. Products involved in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Management system

Yutong has established a systematic product reliability guarantee system for its products and established a product reliability committee. The committee is led by the chairman of the board of directors. From the source of product design, it runs through every department and process of R&D, testing, procurement, production, after-sales, and training to manage product reliability. With the continuous improvement of Yutong's overall management system, we ensure the quality of manufactured products and establish a good customer experience. 98% of Yutong's current procurement equipment is a foreign first-line brand, and customers can easily check the order delivery information through WeChat. Quality is the lifeblood of a company, and service is the practice of a brand. Yutong's annual production reached more than 300,000 units, and the production straight-through rate was 99.4%, relying on the continuous improvement and innovation of the company's overall management.

Innovation, sustainable development

Yutong adheres to the road of development and continues to be steady. Provide innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. The technology innovation system with technology research and development, product development and market transformation as the core promotes the rapid upgrading of products and technologies, and continuously transforms the research and development results into customer value.

Dedicated service tracking

We adhere to the business service concept of "discovering needs and satisfying demand", pursuing the perfection of service process and customer satisfaction with service results. Through the investigation of customer needs and in-depth communication with customers, we comprehensively analyze the real needs of customers and achieve comprehensive and in-depth To understand customers, improve service levels with technology, and improve service quality through management. Yutong has integrated the service concept into the whole process of R&D, production and sales, and implemented the service consciousness into the hearts of every employee. After sales service of professional pre-sales service, integrated sales service with customers, helping customers to troubleshoot etc. We have established a whole service system.