TCA-PI And TCA-AO Application Design

One-in-two-out, separation and processing of 2-wire transmitter signals in hazardous areas----Choose Yutong TCA-PI series

Control System AI card for various DCS/PLC. Receives active0/4-20mA signal, with load capacity from 0 to 800Ω.

Can be used with 2-wire transmitter manufacturersRosemount, Yokogawa, Honeywell, ABB, E+H, Siemens, Foxboro, Beiley etc. Drive voltage to the transmitter >16V.

Single channel, analog output (0/4-20mA electric valve positioner, electrical converter)----Select Yutong TCA-AO series.

Control SystemAO card of various DCS/PLCOutput 0/4-20mA, load capacity 0~800Ω.

4-20mA HARTIntelligent electrical converter, electrical valve positioner manufacturersFisherSamson etc.