• TCA-TP11BJ Universal Signal Safety Guard-Alarm Setter TCA-TP11BJ Universal Signal Safety Guard-Alarm Setter

TCA-TP11BJ Universal Signal Safety Guard-Alarm Setter

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TCA-TP11BJ Universal Signal Safety Guard-Alarm Setter

·  General purpose signal (RTD/TC/mV/mA), intrinsically safe input. Configurable settings. LCD display (optional) or LED backlight indication. Compatible with HART. Analog signal output + relay contact alarm output.

·  TCA-TP11BJ alarm setter adds a set of relay contacts to the alarm output of power distribution, current, thermal resistance, thermocouple, millivolt signal, and slip line resistance based on the general signal safety barrier. With isolation barrier function. It is a multi-functional intrinsically safe instrument that integrates signal alarm, signal transmission and isolation functions.

·  Switching power distribution, current, RTD, thermocouple, and millivolt signal input can be switched according to different wiring methods. The input signal type or range can be configured via software.

·  Alarm output relay contact (normally open), contact capacity 12VDC, 1A.

·  This product requires a separate DC power supply. Voltage-type magnetic isolation between power supply-input-output.

Model /Selection Table:


    Model and code


     Basic model


    General-purpose signal barrier--alarm setter (set of alarm outputs)


    Universal Signal Safety Barrier - Alarm Setter (with display, a set of alarm outputs)


    Universal Signal Safety Guard - Alarm Setter (supports HART communication, a set of alarm outputs)


    Universal Signal Safety Barrier - Alarm Setter (supports HART communication, with display, a set of alarm outputs)


    General-purpose signal barrier--alarm setter (two sets of alarm outputs)


    General-purpose signal barrier--alarm setter (with display, two sets of alarm outputs)


    General-purpose signal barrier--alarm setter (supports HART communication, two sets of alarm outputs)


    General-purpose signal barrier--alarm setter (supports HART communication, with display, two sets of alarm outputs)

     Input signal


    General purpose signal (RTD , TC , mV , mA

     Output signal






     Special order

    Power supply voltage


     Power supply (terminal)2032VDC


     Power supply (rail)2032VDC (Need to be equipped with dedicated power supply DIN rail)

     Service Code


     Product Service Code

    Selection example 
    Example 1: TCA-TPHX11BJ-BJ-UA-V1-QC9A ...... (General signal safety barrier - alarm setter, two-way alarm, HART communication, with display, 4~20mA output, terminal power supply 20~32VDC)
    Example 2: TCA-TP11BJ-UA-V2-QC9A ...... (General signal safety barrier - alarm setter, one way alarm, 4~20mA output, rail power supply 20 ~ 32VDC)

    1. Please indicate the signal type and range when ordering. Otherwise, it will be shipped according to the default setting: with power distribution, input signal 4~20mA, output signal 4~20mA. 
    2. If you select a rail-powered product, please order a dedicated DIN rail. 
   Optional accessories
     · Configuration software: CRFW-2000, CRFA-1904

     · Calibration interface: CR-2206, FAIF-1904 
     · Dedicated power supply DIN rail: PSDR-3000 series


Technical data:








    Housing Material / Color

   PC(Polycarbonate)+PPT Material / Black Gray

    Protection level



Environmental conditions:

    Ambient temperature


    Ambient temperature (storage or operation)


     Ambient humidity (operation)

    5~95RH  (no condensation)


Input (intrinsically safe):

   Available Sensor Types(RTD

   Pt100Cu50 and other thermal resistance

   Available sensor types(TC

   KESB and other thermocouples

   Temperature measurement range

   depends on sensor type

   Millivolt signal


   Current signal


   Distribution voltage to the transmitter

   ≥16V (at 20mA)



   Current output signal

    4~20mA ;  0~20mA

   Maximum current output signal


   Current Output Load

    Adaptive Load 0~300Ω (factory default)

   Output ripple

    <10mV p-p

   Alarm output

    Relay contact

   Contact capacity


   Load Type

    Resistive Load


Power supply:

   Rated supply voltage


   Power supply voltage range


   Maximum current consumption



General parameters:

      Standard accuracy

    Typical value±0.1%FS

      Zero migration range

   -10~100mV or 0~385Ω

      Range migration range

    3.8~100mV or 12.8~400Ω

      Output resolution

   <3.8~100mV or 12.8Ω~400Ω range, 1μA

      Load change effect


      Thermal resistance input, wire resistance

     Thermal resistance three-wire input (≤10Ω/line), <±0.005 %/Ω

      Thermocouple input, cold junction compensation error

     ±0.5~1℃ (compensation range-15~+75℃)

      Temperature drift

    · -10~35 mV range: 0.0005% or 0.6μV (whichever is larger) 
    · -10~75 mV range: 0.0005% or 1.2μV (take the larger one)
    · 10~400Ω range: 0.0015% or 4mΩ (whichever is larger)

      Power-on or storage time drift

     ±2μA (days)

      Response time


      Power-on stabilization time


      Maximum withstand voltage

    Input-output-power supply: 2500V AC RMS / 1 minute

      Protection parameters

   · Output protection, output clamp current 22mA (typical)
   · Port misconnection and surge protection:
   A.The power-input-output between the two ports of the self-loop can withstand the external loop voltage <±24V.       

   B. Input-output-power supply can withstand 2500V RMS/1 minute without damage.       

   C. The short circuit or open circuit formed by the misconnection of the terminal is not damaged.

      Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    in accordance with IEC 61326-1 (GB/T 18268) , IEC 61326-3-1

      LCD display or LED backlight indication

   · LCD display: input value and output value
   · LED backlight indication: Power on, the product model on the panel is clearly visible through the LED backlight perspective.

      Applicable occasions

   Installed in a safe place, can be connected with intrinsically safe equipment in Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2; IIC, IIB, IIA; T4~T6 danger zone

      Field device suitable for connection

   Thermal resistance or thermocouple temperature sensor, millivolt signal, transmitter or current source signal

      Mounting method

   Horizontal or vertical mounting, can be mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail (or dedicated busbar backplane powered DIN rail)


Wiring parameters:

   Rigid conductor cross section (min/max)


   Flexible conductor cross section (min/max)


   Minimum Conductor Cross Section (AWG))


   Maximum Conductor Cross Section (AWG) 14


   Stripping length


   Connection type

   M3 screw fastening connection

   Screw torque

   Up to0.6Nm


Explosion-proof parameters:


  Temperature converter operation (terminals1-2-3;5-6-7)

   Isolator operation (terminal1-2;5-6)

   Distributor Operation (terminals1-4;5-8)

  Maximum output voltage (Uo)




  Maximum output current (Io)




  Maximum output power (Po)




  Maximum external inductance (Lo)




  Maximum external capacitance (Co)




  Maximum safety voltage (Um)




  CE certification

    in line with CE standards

  Supervision and Inspection Center (CQST) certification

    [Ex ia Ga] IIC conforms to GB 3836.1GB 3836.4GB 3836.20


Product drawing / terminal wiring diagram:


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TCA-TP11BJ Universal Signal Safety Guard-Alarm Setter 1

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